[kaffe] JIT and JIT3 support with ARM9

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun May 13 00:38:52 PDT 2007


>I've seen in the past days that JIT was now working for ARM with Kaffe.
>But i'm wondering what is exactly going on with JIT and JIT3. Are they fully

Nothing works perfectly. If you only needs kaffe's regression test
level quality, JIT is very close. (Floating point still has problem,
and I did not get any news someone is now tackle about this)
And I have no idea whether this works with X windows or not.

>Indeed, i would like to use it (perhaps JIT3) and JNI, so i thought about
>Kaffe but looking through the FTP/Web access, the latest Kaffe release come
>from 2006...

As far as jit/jit3 is concerned, FTP version (1.1.7) or cvs head does
not make big differences. For jit3, there is a code, but with simple
configure may not allow you to use jit3 right now. (It should be a
safety net for non-developer, I think)

These are my experiences based on QEMU for ARM926EJ-S simulation.


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