[kaffe] JIT and JIT3 support with ARM9

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun May 13 04:34:21 PDT 2007


>> These are my experiences based on QEMU for ARM926EJ-S simulation.
>Of course for the ARM926EJ-S, there is no need for a jit since it can run Java
>bytecode natively.

Touche ;-<

As you know, I am not so familiar with ARM family. I simply copy the
message displayed when linux starts. So precisely speaking, what I
tried is on ARMv5TE (without using native java bytecode) ;-)

If QEMU really wants to say this is a ARM926EJ-s emulation, someone
has to put kaffe (or any other Java VMs) into QEMU...


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