[kaffe] AWT on GTK+ without X?

Yifan_Chen-陳逸帆 yifan_chen at gemtek.com.tw
Wed Oct 17 23:33:09 PDT 2007


I'm new to embedded Java and I have a question about kaffe AWT backend.

I'm porting kaffe to my target board which has a SuperH processor. My kaffe version is 1.1.7. I've successfully cross-compiled the kaffe and ported it to the board without AWT (with configure argument --without-x --disable-gtk-peer). But now I need AWT for my application. And I got some trouble porting it again with AWT.

We do not have X on the board. We choosed DirectFB as our Graphics system and we have GTK+ on the top of it. I know that kaffe's AWT implementation is based on GTK+ from GNU Classpath, and X libraries are usually required for GTK+. But since we've built our GTK+ with DirectFB rather than X, is there any way to build kaffe with AWT support on my target?

I read FAQ.awt and knew that there is a DirectFB AWT backend for kaffe, but still I would like to know first if I'm able to build kaffe's AWT on GTK+ without X.

Best Regards,
Yifan Chen
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