[kaffe] AWT on GTK+ without X?

Robert Schuster theBohemian at gmx.net
Sat Oct 20 03:50:51 PDT 2007


> We do not have X on the board. We choosed DirectFB as our Graphics
> system and we have GTK+ on the top of it. I know that kaffe's
> AWT implementation is based on GTK+ from GNU Classpath, and X libraries
> are usually required for GTK+. But since we've built our GTK+ with
> DirectFB rather than X, is there any way to build kaffe with AWT support
> on my target?
Roman Kennke worked on GNU Classpath' Gtk Widgets being usable with
DirectFB backend.This was done quite recently so I do not know whether
Kaffe's Classpath snapshot already contains those patches.

Maybe Roman can give you a quick hint on how to find this out from
looking at certain source files.


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