[kaffe] 1.1.9 release coming on Sunday

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Oct 31 06:45:32 PDT 2007

Hi team,

I've finished the work splitting off GNU Classpath from Kaffe last week, 
and haven't seen any problem reports about it yet, so I'm crossing my 
fingers and assuming it all went well. :)

Here is a couple of things I'd like to finish off this week:

* kick out our current JAVAC detection scheme in configure.ac for the 
one used in GNU Classpath 0.96.1
* rewrite the command line argument parsing to use glib
* rewrite some native bits to use glib, and slash one or two more VM 
interface classes
* look into the Cygwin issue reported earlier
* look into the ant javac issue with GNU Classpath 0.96.1 and add the 
missing tools.jar symlink

I'd also like to remove the native zlib zip library, as it causes 
problems with static builds, or at least not make it the default.

I'd appreciate your feedback, plans, or volunteers for the glib work. :)

dalibor topic

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