[kaffe] Kaffe port to MINIX 3

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Fri Sep 7 00:34:54 PDT 2007

Hi KK,

>I am trying to port Kaffe to MINIX 3. I am new to Kaffe. So I have a
>query before I start to port. I will be very beneficial for me to have
>your guidance and support. I request you to please give me any input
>that you feel will help me.
>Which version of Kaffe is best to port initially? (I want to initially
>see small java codes running in MINIX 3. So may be older version of
>Kaffe is sufficient. This way I will also get familiar with Kaffe
>rather than be overwhelmed by current codebase.)

MINIX 3	is a interesting target for kaffe ;-)
For the startup, I recommend to use released version of (currently
1.1.7) kaffe rather than any newer one. The core part of kaffe for
intel architecture (I guess you are targeting to this) is stable
for several years, and using older version may not reduce any
work you need for new os. The story may be absolutely different
for some 'unstable' CPU architectures (like 'arm' or 'sh').

And also, it is the MUST to tackle intrp engine first. If you are
interested in jit (Just in Time compiler), do it for the second

Hope this info may help.


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