[kaffe] Re: kaffe 1.1.9 plans

Riccardo riccardo at kaffe.org
Wed Sep 26 10:26:10 PDT 2007


On Sat, 22 Sep 2007 21:59:40 +0200, Dalibor Topic <robilad at kaffe.org>  

> Hi all,
> We've got the migration classpath 0.95 ahead. I'd like to take that
> opportunity to switch to using the system installation of gnu classpath,
> and remove the source code for it from Kaffe, slimming down our tarball
> & configure times.

 From what we discussed on the Mailing list this seems to be lethal for  
builds on machines without a java 1.5 compiler on it, since jikes is gone.

> I'd also like to take another look at the various static build options,
> and thin out the redundant ones.
Last time I tried (but that was about in June/July before compiling  
stopped working on many platforms of mine) static was broken on some  

> I'd love to see the skyos port merged in for the next release.
I'd love PPC jit :) (Hey, Guilhem, reading me? When you have time tell me)

> There are few other things I'm thinking of, like looking at the gcj
> bindings again, and checking if we could switch over to use boehm-gc as
> the default gc on the platforms that support it, as well as switching
> over to classpath's javah and removing kaffeh, and starting to use glib
> for data structures, portability wrappers, and all the fun stuff that's
> currently clogging our configure script.

NO, NO GLIB, PLEASE. Not another damn dependency and I'm allergic to glib  
anyway. Really, no use.

> The next release is tentatively scheduled for November 4th.

2008? :)


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