[kaffe] Building error, Missing Classpath uClibc

Gustavo Guillermo Perez gustavo at compunauta.com
Sun Apr 20 17:02:08 PDT 2008

Gnu Classpath requires javah so, without kaffe how can I have javah? I guess 
there is a time when kaffe has their own copy of classpath in it. There is a 
new procedure to build kaffe from scratch without sun's jvm?

having the old non working copy of kaffe on my system, I got to use javah from 
kaffe, but gnu classpath (0.97.1) does not like jikes as javac, so... again. 
How can I build kaffe, I'm stuck with the old binary I was compiled, but 
doesn't work for my updated system anymore.

El Martes, 1 de Abril de 2008, Gustavo Guillermo Pérez escribió:
> I'ts Jikes with a symlink, I'm still trying stuffs. and I'm using emerge to
> build some progs, not for kaffe.

Gustavo Guillermo Pérez
Compunauta uLinux

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