[kaffe] cross-compile error

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Sun Feb 3 07:25:57 PST 2008

Robert Schuster wrote:
> Hi.
> Dalibor Topic schrieb:
>> On to the next problem: currently the jit regression test fails at a
>> floating point test.
> The FAQ.arm says:
> "From Kaffe's point of view, only 'FPA' is supported right now. Some
> effort has been started to use 'VFP', and I hope we can rewrite this
> section soon. For jit/jit3 engine, the support of 'FPA' is mandatory
> (the internal code generation emits FPA instruction) and if you don't
> have FPA (or FPA emulation by the operating system) only possibility
> is to use interpreter engine."
> I think that this may be the reason for the failing floating point test.

Debian arm on QEMU uses fpa (hard), so that's not causing the problem 
(and libffi does not help, either). It turned out that float to int 
conversion of NaNs was broken in some way, so I ripped that code out of
the arm jit engine. Using the soft float to int conversion, the 
regression test on the jit engine pass, up to a hang after generating
VMThrowable.fillInStackTrace and the soft_fixup_trampoline returning a 

There is a warning related to soft_fixup_trampoline on arm (and it 
stretches all along the code use COMPARE_AND_EXCHANGE), so I'll try to 
see if using glib's atomic functions helps.

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