[kaffe] Re: OutOfMemoryError while compiling GNU Classpath

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Feb 14 10:49:08 PST 2008

Hi Ito-san,

You wrote:
>> I have found that recent Kaffe causes OutOfMemoryError in the
>> process of this compiling.
>I tested this on a machine with rich memory, and have found out
>that, in order to compile GNU Classpath 0.96.1 with ecj,

Since I gave up compiling GNU Classpath everytime, I did not notice
this trouble. But, even without zzip library if we need 384MB, the
increase of 60MB or so should not make much difference ;-)

P.S. I am so happy to know the weekly snap helps tracking down these
P.P.S. Of course, it is better to write some special note in FAQ about
     this memory issue.

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