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Tue Jan 22 12:20:42 PST 2008

somewhere.  The 'dummy' variable has a different value after the first 
call to addShutdownHook() :(

> Anyway, I'm not sure if running several java applications within a single kaffe
> instance is a good idea, as long as kaffe doesn't implement some of process
> separation features from JanosVM. 

It was a non-standard interface that noone (as far as I know) used 

> So for example, what happens when an application calls runtime.exit()? It
> shouldn't shut down the whole machine, unless it's the only application
> running. It shouldn't run the finalizers of objects not belonging to it, and
> only run its own shutdown hooks. The exit code should be stored for later
> retrieval. I assume Tim could come up with further pitfalls. ;)

Those are the high points :)

> cheers,
> dalibor topic


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