Native libs & AWT (Was: Re: Further cleanups (Was: Re: [kaffe] dealing with gjdoc))

Dalibor Topic robilad at
Thu Jan 17 13:09:12 PST 2008

Andrew John Hughes wrote:
> Yeah, I was thinking more if there was any code worth porting to the
> GNU Classpath peer framework.

I don't know. I'd suggest simply removing it and pointing the authors of 
the next (rewritten) AWT peers to GNU Classpath or OpenJDK instead.

Having AWT peers sit in GNU Classpath is preferable to having them rot 
away in Kaffe, as at least with Classpath, there is a remote chance that 
some other VM may turn up with an interest in maintaining / using the 
work later. With Kaffe's AWT, Kaffe is the only VM that can use the 
code, and the project clearly does not have the man power to maintain 
anything like that at the moment.

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