[kaffe] kaffe without embedded classpath

Robert Schuster theBohemian at gmx.net
Fri Jan 18 05:38:20 PST 2008

Hi Kaffe team,
I follow kaffe's latest development with excitement and am hoping to fix
its build recipes in OpenEmbedded as soon as a new release with the
latest changes appears (or a reasonable stable enough version is
available from CVS).

From my experiences with building cacao and jamvm I would like to see
the following things being able to set up using configure:

- the directory of classpath' include headers
- the location of classpath' glibj.zip at *build time*
- the directory of classpath' libraries at *build time*

- the location of classpath' glibj.zip at *runtime*

As I see from ./configure --help that neccessary build time options are
already there what is missing are the ones for setting the runtime
options. For cacao there is a patch floating around which adds a
--with-target-classpath-classes switch. Perhaps this name could be used
here as well.

- the default additional search path for JNI libraries. (e.g. Debian
uses /usr/lib/jni. I introduced the same idea into OpenEmbedded but
there they want to have it completely flexible. Eg. /opt/usr/lib/jni)

Are such additions wanted? Should I file bugs?


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