[kaffe] kaffe without embedded classpath

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Fri Jan 18 06:44:17 PST 2008

Robert Schuster wrote:
> Hi Kaffe team,
> I follow kaffe's latest development with excitement and am hoping to fix
> its build recipes in OpenEmbedded as soon as a new release with the
> latest changes appears (or a reasonable stable enough version is
> available from CVS).

Cool, thanks!

I think we're getting there for a release, I have a handful of mails to 
look at regarding issues with mips, powerpc, the iphone, etc. and few 
small changes to the build system to make build times a bit faster.

> From my experiences with building cacao and jamvm I would like to see
> the following things being able to set up using configure:
> - the directory of classpath' include headers
> - the location of classpath' glibj.zip at *build time*
> - the directory of classpath' libraries at *build time*
> - the location of classpath' glibj.zip at *runtime*
> As I see from ./configure --help that neccessary build time options are
> already there what is missing are the ones for setting the runtime
> options. For cacao there is a patch floating around which adds a
> --with-target-classpath-classes switch. Perhaps this name could be used
> here as well.

Sure. Got a URL for the patch? I'd prefer copying it to rewriting it ;)

In kaffe's case, I assume that basically means changing the symlink to 
rt.jar to point to $TARGET_GLIBJ_ZIP instead of $CLASSPATH_CLASSES.

Are you sure you don't need an option for classpath's libraries at 
runtime, too?

> Are such additions wanted? Should I file bugs?

Of course!

I prefer discussing them on the list then in the bug tracker, since the 
audience on the list includes people who don't subscribe to issues in 
the tracker, but may want to chip in on such cross-compilation features 
for embedded users.

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