[kaffe] how can i integrate kaffe run time in my device

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Mar 6 02:02:16 PST 2008

a.kristou wrote:
> I want to use kaffe in my device which have features as given bellow :
>             - intel pxa255 400MHZ 32 MB architecture ARM.
>             - 62 Mb de RAM
> Could you give the steps to follow it .
Assuming you want to cross compile kaffe for your device,
you should look at the FAQ.cross-compling file in the FAQ directory of 
the kaffe source code. If Kaffe has not been ported yet to your 
operating system, you'll need to do that first, of course.
Check out the kaffe porting docs on the web site for a guide how to go 
about that.

good luck,
dalibor topic

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