Native libs & AWT (Was: Re: Further cleanups (Was: Re: [kaffe] dealing with gjdoc))

Dalibor Topic robilad at
Sun Mar 9 11:52:44 PDT 2008

> * old kaffe AWT
> I'm currently cleaning up the old kaffe AWT to make it build again. I'll 
> remove the classes
> copied over from GNU Classpath as far as possible, but I won't put work 
> into making the
> Xlib peers actually work.
> Is someone interested in maintaining the old kaffe AWT code for 1.1.9? 
> I'm sure the X peers
> are broken currently from looking at the compiler warnings, the qt peers 
> probably don't
> build any more with Qt /  Qtopia releases, etc.
> If no one steps forward to maintain them in the four weeks, I'd like to 
> mothball them. If we
> can't support class library features, there is no point in shipping them 
> as part of the release,
> in particular since class library features as such are better suited for 
> GNU Classpath.

As noone stepped forward, that luckily allowed me to remove that code. 
Now we are at ~110 kloc according to David Wheeler's sloccount, down 
from ~150 kloc four weeks ago. Next to go should be the 
compare_and_exchange atomic code imported from glibc.

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