[kaffe] how to join mailing list and how to port Kaffe VM into a hardware

Jonny Dzung jonny_dzung at yahoo.com
Sat May 31 05:51:48 PDT 2008

Dear every people

I am a new babie, and also a student. I really want to study how to port KaffeVM into a hardware.

I have some questions want to ask
1) i want to join mailing list to communicate with other people..
I read in the kaffeVM website, but there is not a guide for how to join a mailing list.
How to join mailing list

2)Now i do not know so much about KaffeVm also JVM,
If i want to know how to port KaffeVM into a hardware, such as: SuperH processor family.
From your experience, what should i start ?what are the necessary steps i have to take?
Such as: what i should to study first? which books i should read?

When anything starts , the first time is difficult time. So i am sorry if my questions are stupid.

Thank you for reading my email.


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