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Tue Mar 31 12:00:45 PDT 2009

small size comes from deleting all debug information,
renaming private fields, methods and classes to single
letters, removing unneeded constants, and a few
bytecode optimizations. ;)

A JDK 1.1 "profile" of the class library would be
like the whole profile idea anyway. Since some library
code uses 1.2 features like reflection to do its work,
could be painful to create a "pure JDK 1.1" version of
the class libraries. But 1.1 with a few sparks of 1.2
be feasible.

> > Regarding benchmarking: I would still like to see
> it
> > coming to, you just need to push me
> harder
> > ;) I've taken a look at ashes, and it kind of
> works
> Well, the generic idea was to have contributors run
> it on their platforms,
> so I really have mostly myself to blame for not
> having that ready. Altough
> mostly, we didn't settle on what kind of benchmarks
> to run on it. It still
> seems some standard open-source benchmark(s) would
> be preferable;
> application-specifics are always good, but there may
> be less agreement on
> what is pertinent, and in the end it won't work to
> require every
> contributor benchmark every possible application
> others are using Kaffe
> for. But I do suggest at least XML processing be
> included, as it has
> become standard part of Java, and is a rather heavy
> test. Maybe we can
> include some docbook benchmark or the like.

Sounds good enough. Do you have any specific
benchmark in mind? I'll take a look at XSLTMark.


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