[kaffe] First post here.

rafael2pop rafael2pop at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Sep 2 04:25:55 PDT 2009

Hello anyone,

This is my first post.

Not new to Java concepts but yes to running supposedly what it's
mentioned as Kaffe for DOS at a site targetting abandonware for x86.


I didn't even think in CygWin or anything Linux as the files mentioned and that site states clearly that is 'DOS' and some win3.x stuff

After installing, intuitively did this:

kaffe help options could be seen when typing

C:\ cd C:\users\admin\


cd C:\users\admin\kaffee


C:\ cd bin

c:\ kaffe -jar hello.world

(file hello.world it's OK there at \bin directory)

Got this error message:

C:\ 'Couldn't find java/lang/Object ' C/R avoid
C>Abort !


C:\ kaffe -jar hello.jar

There a menu of options could be seen.

That's sll and nothing happens yet !

Doubting if it's matter of a PATH issue.

Any help is appreiated, I has a veteran curiousity
BTW was on a notebook AMD64 with Vista Premium, running 'cmd' from the command line so in DOS mode.

Has been too long since the days when began in early 70's in an IBM System 1130, programming in RPG till nowadays with a bunch of languages as Cobol, Q-Basic, Clipper, C, Prolog, Turbo-Pascal, VB, VB.NET and lastly again a newbie with JAVA for a 'procedural mind' :)

Appreciate your help so thanks in advance.


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