[kaffe] CFP Free Java @ FOSDEM 2011 - ends this week

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Mon Nov 29 13:55:23 PST 2010


The CFP will end this week. So please submit your ideas for
Free Java @ FOSDEM 2011 to fosdem at developer.classpath.org ASAP.

Join us at FOSDEM 2011 to be part of our sessions where
we'll discuss the state of Free Java!


  Our theme is "Java Sans Frontières"
    * Why Free Java technology is awesome
    * Standing on the Shoulders of Free Java
    * The future of Free Java

The Call For Participation is OPEN NOW, but closes on the 3rd of December...
So send in a talk proposal today and join us in Brussels 5-6 February!

    * Engage in scintillating discussions with smart hackers over
      world famous Belgian Beer
    * Join the Web of Trust by getting your strong new key signed
    * Indulge in exquisite chocolate
    * Visit historic Brussels within walking distance

  Why the Free Java DevJam?
    * This is the most significant non-commercial, neutral
      environment for Java developers to meet
    * Learn how to get involved in technical Free Java projects
    * We will not shy away from politics (especially this year)!
    * We will get together for an awesome dinner
    * You will meet historic hackers in the evolution of Free Java

Please join the freejava-devroom at lists.fosdem.org list for general discussion about
the event. http://lists.fosdem.org/mailman/listinfo/freejava-devroom

To submit a formal Talk Proposal follow the guidelines at


Andrew Haley
  GCJ Maintainer, GNU Classpath, IcedTea & OpenJDK Developer.

Andrew John Hughes
  IcedTea Maintainer, GNU Classpath Maintainer, OpenJDK & GCJ Developer

Christian Thalinger
  OpenJDK developer, former CACAO Maintainer

Mark Wielaard
  GNU Classpath Maintainer, GCJ, IcedTea & OpenJDK contributor.

Tom Marble
  Java Libre hacker, Former OpenJDK Ambassador

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