[kaffe] Mailing list outage

Jim Pick jim at jimpick.com
Wed Sep 15 22:53:36 PDT 2010


Please accept my apologies, it appears that the mailman daemon that runs
this mailing list crashed earlier this year, and I didn't notice until now.

Based on the dates of the emails that were just delivered, it must have
happened in February or even earlier.  It's a bit embarrassing...

There were also a few emails waiting to be moderated, but I decided to
delete them because they were so old.

The truth is that I have been procrastinating on doing some site
housekeeping for too long now.

As the mailing list is quite low-traffic these days, I think the best
option might be to move it to Google Groups.  I'm not a big fan of
Google Groups, but it can't be much worse than having the list down for
9 months and not noticing.

I also want to import the CVS archive into git, and move it all to
GitHub.  They have a nice "Organizations" feature now which would work
nicely, I think.


 - Jim

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