RELEASE] Kaffe 1.0.0

Tim Wilkinson
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 08:06:05 -0700


We have finally released Kaffe 1.0.0 - now formally called Kaffe OpenVM
1.0 beta 1.

This is the first version of Kaffe capable of being a stand-alone system

and includes:

    * The Virtual Machine (JIT and interpreter) for various platforms
(as before).
    * A Java compiler (specifically the PIZZA compiler).
    * A set of Java class libraries, including Beans, AWT and all you'd

Naturally all sources are provided (under the GNU Public License) and a
pre-compiled set of class files are included for simplicity.

This is the first version of Kaffe which will run without any 3rd Party

For more information please check our website at

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