[kaffe-announce] Kaffe 1.0.7 Release Candidate 1 available for download

Jim Pick kaffe@kaffe.org
02 Jun 2002 00:34:58 -0700


I've made the 1.0.7-rc1 release available for download at:


Please download it, compile it, and try it out.  This is a test release
of what will be 1.0.7.

I'd like to get 1.0.7 final out quickly, since it's been 2 years since a
production release of Kaffe has been made.  The only changes between
this version and the final version will be small bugfixes that fix major
bugs (eg. compile bugs, security bugs), and some additional release
documentation (eg. improved bug listing, list of working/broken ports).

In the final release announcement, I'd like to list the platforms on
which the release has been tested, and the results of the testing (good
or bad).  Please send any test reports to kaffe@kaffe.org.

Here is "What's New" in 1.0.7-rc1:

This release is dedicated to the memory of Edouard G. Parmelan, one of
the most active Kaffe developers, a member of the core team, and one of
the driving forces behind the project. 

* Port to ia64 GNU/Linux

* Port to s390 GNU/Linux

* Port to PA-RISC GNU/Linux

* Port to Darwin (Mac OS X).

* JIT port for Alpha on Compaq Tru64, GNU/Linux.

* Support of PowerPC without libffi.

* New version of KJC (2.1A with patches from kopi CVS).

* New encoding converters based on iconv().

* Lots of bug fixes.


 - Jim