[kaffe-announce] Kaffe 1.0.7 Release available for download

Jim Pick kaffe@kaffe.org
02 Jul 2002 12:04:41 -0700


I've made the 1.0.7 release of Kaffe available for download at:


This is a production release, the first one in over two years.  We
recommend upgrading to this release if you are currently using 1.0.6 or
an earlier version.

Please read the RELEASE-NOTES in the source code to see if your platform
has been tested with this release.  

Here is "What's New" in 1.0.7:

This release is dedicated to the memory of Edouard G. Parmelan, one of
the most active Kaffe developers, a member of the core team, and one of
the driving forces behind the project. 

* Port to ia64 GNU/Linux

* Port to s390 GNU/Linux

* Port to PA-RISC GNU/Linux

* Port to Darwin (Mac OS X).

* JIT port for Alpha on Compaq Tru64, GNU/Linux.

* Support of PowerPC without libffi.

* New version of KJC (2.1A with patches from kopi CVS).

* New encoding converters based on iconv().

* Lots of bug fixes.


 - Jim