Linux JDK/kaffe/biss-awt BOF meeting at JavaOne

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at
Wed Apr 2 14:09:20 PST 1997

Uff, we got lost in this 10000+ people conference monster. No way to get a room
for a birds-of-a-feather meeting, not even a message board to get people
together. Well, actually, there is a message board hidden at the very end of
the South Moscone entry, but they don't have clips yet to leave a public
message :(

Let's back up to good old email. Everybody who might be interested to talk
about Linux Java / kaffe / biss-awt will find me today and tomorrow at 6 pm at
one of the BOF-marked tables right of the Cyber-Cafe (in that big hall where
you have to wait for lunch).


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