SunOS Install Problems

Greg T. Harber gth at
Wed Apr 2 12:54:30 PST 1997

I'm having a problem installing Kaffe 0.8.3 on a Sun SS20
running SunOS 4.1.4.  It's a GNU-ized system, using gcc, make, ld, etc.  The compile went well, as did
the install and I updated /etc/profile with the changes in
ENVIRONMENT.  When I try to run the initial tests I get:

[sysadm at babbage test]$ javac HelloWorldApp.class Undefined symbol: _select

[sysadm at babbage test]$ kaffe Undefined symbol: _select

Any ideas?

BTW: Sorry if this is FAQ material, I'm new to the list and there
is no archive to search.

Greg T. Harber                        gth at
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