kaffe 0.8.3, linux/i386, and a core dump

Per Bothner bothner at cygnus.com
Wed Apr 2 14:30:39 PST 1997

> A class file compiled by the Sather compiler conains source locations in
> several different files.  The standard LineNumberAttribute does not
> contain a source file name.  Is there a standard way to store such debug
> information?  Does kaffe support such an attribute? 

No.  No.

The Java VM spec is very Java-centric.  It has restrictions on the
characters in names (even though some languages like Lisp allow any
character in an identifier), and the debug information information
supported is minimal.  Since Sun (and others) are talking about
compiling C and C++ to (extended) byte-codes, they will presumably
have to define extensions.

	--Per Bothner
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