What do you use Kaffe for?

Christian Krusel chrkr at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Apr 8 02:18:45 PDT 1997

I have to find out that Java Virtual Machine promising
best performance on MIPS-paltforms (and sparc). 
Kaffe is a very interesting candidate. To do it much faster, I'm 
currently porting the kaffe-jit on a mips platform (SGI IRIX 5.3),
but only on a very simple level to measure performance. (no threads)
(still using version 0.7.1)

At this point: The jBYTEmark is one benchmark program i'm using.
on sparc and mips.
Unfortunately kaffe does not run the complete program on sparc (sunos). 
I already had this problem and Tim recommended to replace:
/kaffevm/soft.c (see below). Although I did this changes a
        at FourierTest.thefunction(20)
        at FourierTest.TrapezoidIntegrate(12)
        at FourierTest.DoIteration(15)
        at FourierTest.initialize(1)
        at FourierTest.dotest(d)
        at BmarkTest.benchWithConfidence(6)
        at jBYTEmark.main(16d)

occurs.	(but only on SPARC)

Changes I did in soft.c
#if defined(INTERPRETER)
soft_multianewarray(classes* class, jint dims, slots* args)

        /* Extract the dimensions into an array */
        for (i = 0; i < dims; i++) {
                arg = args[i].v.tint;
                if (arg < 0) {
 +++            arraydims[dims-i-1] = arg;
 ---   	        arraydims[i] = arg;
        arraydims[i] = 0;

        /* Mmm, okay now build the array using the wonders of recursion


        /* Return the base object */
        return (obj);

Is there some help?

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