What do you use Kaffe for?

Vijay Vaidy vijay at webpage.com
Mon Apr 7 21:24:02 PDT 1997

Well, we would *like* to use Kaffe for our chat server, which
is one of the largest commercial java server deployments 
*anywhere* in the world.

We host over 16,000 chat rooms and we break *every* JVM except
Javasoft's ... we have not tried stress testing undeer any
OS other than Solaris ... so kaffe represents our only hope
of getting a reliable JVM we can fix ouirselves.

Even if we dont use Kaffe in production ... we plan to use it for
running and instrumenting the JVM and optimizingg our performance.
Currently, the Javasoft JVM spends the bulk of its time in wasted
calls to read() and to set/getcontext(). It'd be nice to be able
to fix that :-)

fyi .. kaffe 0.82 would run for several hours before crashing
whch is more than most other JVMs we tried. 0.83 crashes almost
immediately on our stuff. Havent tried interpreted JVM yet.

Details at http://parachat.webpage.com ... although the bump we got
out of Java One has our servers a little bogged down.

- Vijay

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