What do you use Kaffe for?

Masahiro Takatsuka masa at cs.curtin.edu.au
Tue Apr 8 02:23:00 PDT 1997

Hello Kaffe Users,

I've recently built kaffe(0.8.3) on OpenStep4.1J for Mach (NeXTmachine  
-m68k) using 3.3 developer tools.  (I got an internal compiler error with  
4.1's cc.)

I had to add some small modifications :
add `-traditional-cpp' in order to build  of biss-net's awt classes,
add `#include "thread.h"' to classMethod.c in kaffevm.

Both interpreter and compiler worked fine with HellowWorld and other  
When I tried to use appletviewer, it didn't show anything but its window and  
I usedCubX-Window package to build awt classes.

Do I need to do something special in order to use appletviewer on NeXT?
If there is anyone out there using appletverwer on NeXT/OpenStep,  please  
let me know your secrets.

Thank you.
Dr. Masahiro Takatsuka (MASA) : 高塚正浩
Curtin University of Technology, School of Computing
GPO Box U 1987, Perth 6001, WA AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61-9-351-2984    fax: +61-9-351-2819
e-mail: masa at cs.curtin.edu.au (NeXTmail or MIME OK)
url: http://www.cs.curtin.edu.au/~masa

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