Stephen Gurney steve at
Wed Apr 9 18:50:35 PDT 1997

Has anyone out there got biss-awt working with kaffe? I'm working
on a sparc with sunos and need the graphics support. I seem
to be having problems with the awt native libraries. Here's what
happens when I try to run  kaffe on a demo from JDK1.02. (its the
clock applet demo ).

kaffe -Dawt.toolkit=biss.awt.kernel.Toolkit sun.applet.AppletViewer

Failed to locate native function:
        at biss/awt/kernel/Toolkit.<init>(line unknown, pc 24e718)
        at biss/awt/kernel/Toolkit.<init>(line unknown, pc 1ee8d4)
        at java/awt/Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(190)
        at java/awt/Window.getToolkit(155)
        at java/awt/Frame.addNotify(82)
        at java/awt/Window.pack(89)
        at sun/applet/AppletViewer.<init>(175)
        at sun/applet/StdAppletViewerFactory.createAppletViewer(77)
        at sun/applet/AppletViewer.parse(767)
        at sun/applet/AppletViewer.parse(752)
        at sun/applet/AppletViewer.main(891)

thanks for the help


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