What do you use Kaffe for?

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Thu Apr 10 05:43:08 PDT 1997

Tim wrote,
>Well while I was at JavaOne last week I got to thinking about what people 
>did with Kaffe.  I have a few ideas from those I met there but wondered 
>what other people were using it for.

While I was at BOF last week, I've already told some of my using.
But let me repeat it again here, because most of ML members are
not there.

1. MIPS implementation
Kaffe for MIPS + NetBSD is used for some research project in my lab.
This system can drive printer itself, or actually, printer's controller
has NetBSD. We are now trying to use Jigsaw for 'web server on the

2. Vax implementation
What I'm currently doing is this. This is just fun, but actually Vax
with ultrix is the ONLY machine I have in my home. I just want to
make java running in my home. I just come back to Japan today, and
I hope I can report some of my porting next week.

3. 8086 or even Z80 porting
In my future plan, I want to have kaffe running on 8086 or Z80. Since
I can get relatively cheap ($50) CPU boards which have 8086 or Z80 in
Japan. If I can port kaffe to these platforms, I can make my own cheap
embedded system's foundations. It is not as small as card-java and I
hope I need not reduce as much as current card-java does.


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