Steps required to compile Kaffe 0.8.3 on AmigaDos

James Dempsey jamesd at
Thu Apr 10 23:18:11 PDT 1997


  The following are the steps which were required to compile Kaffe version
0.8.3 on an Amiga system (A4000/EC030 KS3.1) and gcc v 2.7.2

1. In kaffe/kaffevm/classMethod.c, after line #include "baseClasses.h", add
#include "thread.h"

2. Comment out the #include <proto/exec.h> line in kaffe/kaffevm/md.c as this
caused a conflicting definition of the type Class.

3. In kaffe/kaffevm/soft.c, in the functions soft_fdiv and soft_fdiv1, the
  return (1e300*1e300);
  return (-1e300*1e300);
caused the compiler to fail. I replaced these with return(0);. This isn't a
final solution, but a stopgap. Hopefully a more permanent fix can be found.

4. In kaffe/kaffevm/external.c, as the Amiga version of Kaffe does not
support any dynamic library loading, the macro LIBRARYHANDLE isn't defined.
As a stopgap, I added the following lines immediately before the first
reference to LIBRARYHANDLE:

#if !defined(LIBRARYHANDLE)
#define LIBRARYHANDLE void*

  After making these changes, I was able to get both a kaffe and a kaffeh
executable. So far, under a fair bit of use, Kaffeh has performed without any
problems. Kaffe works OK for basic runs. I will descibe the problems in my 
next message.

  Hopefully, somebody (Tim or Matthias perhaps) will be able to come up with
some more permanent fixes.

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