Problems encountered running kaffe 0.8.3 on an Amiga

James Dempsey jamesd at
Thu Apr 10 23:46:42 PDT 1997


  I have been running Kaffe 0.8.3 intensively for about a week now, and I 
have encountered a few problems with it.

* Firstly, when compiling using suns compiler class, if a compilation error
is encountered, kaffe will freeze both itself and the system. A harsh
penalty for a syntax error. :-)

* Again when compiling, the system pauses for periods of 10 to 30 seconds.
In many cases disc activity continues intermittently during these periods.

* Any call to JavaStringToCString will cause the system to freeze for
approximately 30 seconds. It does work properly though.

* Any call to makeCString throws an OutOfMemory exception.

  Anyway, thats what I have found so far - any suggestions for fixes would
be appreciated.

James Dempsey
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