Advices for handling JAVA applets

Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at
Mon Apr 14 02:17:44 PDT 1997

I'm about to add JavaScript support to Amaya. Amaya already
embedd Kaffe as a scripting language, but for the meoment I'm
compiling separately the .java files to get the corresponding
.class in the CLASSPATH.

Now I would like to run Java code embedded in HTML pages fetched
from the net, this mean that I get some kind of JAVA code,
and would like to run it on the fly.

I am wondering what's the best way to solve the following problems:
  1/ How to compile a fragment of Java code available in memory
  2/ How to deal with specificities of JavaScript (functions,
     absence of embedding class, ...)
  3/ What about the security model, how to prevent the code from
     accessing the whole filesystems, doing connection to untrusted
     server, etc ...

Two approaches seems possible:
  1/ try to build as much as possible the support from existing
     classes available on the SunSoft classes package.
  2/ build a small Java language interpreter.
The first would be best since it reduces the amount of work needed.
Alas it probably won't be possible. however, the second has the advantage
of being abble to tune everything I need.

  Any advice, or sample code for a Java language parser is welcome,
I should definitely have a look at guavac ... 


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