Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Steve Zara steve at serf.org
Wed Apr 16 12:17:01 PDT 1997

Bryan Mann wrote:
> Joaquin wrote in a previous message:
> >
> >
> > Also, what about DOS?  Java is important for DOS users and this could help
> > supplant Microsoft's wedge in the market.  Sun has announced a JavaPC
> > program, but they are going to charge a $100 per user.  I think this is
> > criminal especially in contrast to what Java represents.
> >
> I personally have contacted Sun/Javasoft(I urge everyone to do the same)
> and shared my view that they should be giving away the JavaOS/HotJavaViews
> to anyone interested in downloading DOS only versions.  Especially
> community colleges and high schools not able to upgrade to the bigger
> faster Wintel solutions.
> Needless to say they have not replied.
> Bryan.

I am puzzled as to why Java is so big and slow - surely a relatively
machine (as under DOS) would be ideal as a platform for a Java VM.  As a
past user of things like Smalltalk-V/286, I have seen how good
can write a fast VM (including GUI) and make it fit on two floppies and
run in 1MB.

Steve Zara

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