Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Peter C. Mehlitz pm at biss-net.com
Wed Apr 16 11:07:13 PDT 1997

> I am puzzled as to why Java is so big and slow - surely a relatively bare
> machine (as under DOS) would be ideal as a platform for a Java VM.  As a
> past user of things like Smalltalk-V/286, I have seen how good programmers
> can write a fast VM (including GUI) and make it fit on two floppies and
> run in 1MB.

Great, at least I found somebody else who used Smalltalk-V/286 :-) Yes, these
VMs (while tailored to a single platform / HW config) were sophisticated
things. And yes, Java isn't there already. We have in our hands to get kaffe up
to this point. So let's just start.


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