Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Nicolo de Groot nicolo at slac.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 16 15:18:08 PDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Bart Anderson wrote:

> %<-----%<snip>%----->%
> > BTW, the product Joaquin mentioned (JavaPC) is intended as a replacement
> > for DOS.  It allows an old 486 to become a network computer (NC).  At
> > least that's my understanding.  In that respect, $100 is cheap since it
> > allows a company to upgrade an "obsolete" PC into a NC rather than
> > buying a new NC for $700-$1500.  It's not intended for individuals.
> Don't know about that
> $100 is within the reach of many!
> But free would be better...
> or like said earlier, use Linux...!
What I have understood is that the $100 is for an PC-card with
Java-chip, this + the extra software will make is possible to
run a JavaPC. 


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