Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Tony Kimball Anthony.Kimball at East.Sun.COM
Wed Apr 16 14:08:44 PDT 1997

Quoth Bart Anderson on Wed, 16 April:
: > But Sun's interest in supporting
: > Java is purely commercial.  They'll only go where the money is.
: No matter that they said they wanted it to be ported everywhere...
: everywhere as long as it means they make money!

While Sun's interest in Java is commercial, Sun has demonstrated by
their behaviour a willingness to see the VM ported truly everywhere,
at no cost to the developer or user.  Source availability depends upon
a license agreement some may find unacceptable, but does not depend
upon financial remuneration to Sun.  I think that's just about the
best you could hope for from a commercial organization.  The only way
it could be better is if they released the source under less
restrictive terms.  I don't understand why they don't, since the
result is that they lose control of the VM source base as alternative
proprietary or public, less-encumbered VMs are generated to fill the
vacuum -- i.e. I think the current licensing terms are self-defeating
-- but then multi-billion-dollar international conglomerate
corporations are rarely noted for their nimble dexterity of mind.

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