Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Bart Anderson banders at switch.rockwell.com
Wed Apr 16 12:47:54 PDT 1997

Brian Burton wrote:
> What does Java represent?  Platform independence and good OO design
> mostly.  Java has nothing to do with freeware.  It never has.

But... those of on this list are here because it will be free!
If we wanted to buy a commercial product, we would have.
Unix was commercial... and then freed....

> Freeware implementations will be a Good Thing and will unleash a
> tremendous amount of creative energy.  But Sun's interest in supporting
> Java is purely commercial.  They'll only go where the money is.

No matter that they said they wanted it to be ported everywhere...
everywhere as long as it means they make money!

> BTW, the product Joaquin mentioned (JavaPC) is intended as a replacement
> for DOS.  It allows an old 486 to become a network computer (NC).  At
> least that's my understanding.  In that respect, $100 is cheap since it
> allows a company to upgrade an "obsolete" PC into a NC rather than
> buying a new NC for $700-$1500.  It's not intended for individuals.

Don't know about that
$100 is within the reach of many!
But free would be better...
or like said earlier, use Linux...!

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