Unix must have a stable, fast Java VM

Ian McFarland imf at neo.com
Thu Apr 17 01:50:14 PDT 1997

At 3:18 PM 4/16/97, Nicolo de Groot wrote:
>What I have understood is that the $100 is for an PC-card with
>Java-chip, this + the extra software will make is possible to
>run a JavaPC.

That's the story InfoWorld ran a while back. So does anyone know for
certain? Is the 100 JavaPC thing software only, or Software/Hardware. I
remember distinctly that Sun was to release an ISA bus (and a PCI bus) card
with a Java chip on it, intended to convert a 386 or better into an NC. And
the price point was to be $99.

(It was also supposed to be out sometime mid-year, if I remember correctly.)

It's a shame that JavaOS had to be designed by Sun, with all their deep
understanding of UI... I wonder if anyone will release a competing JavaOS.
No reason that one couldn't. KaffeOS, anyone? BeJava? JavaOS/2? =-)


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