Michael R Cook mcook at
Sat Apr 19 17:53:55 PDT 1997

What is this stack trace telling me?

        at java/lang/Runtime.initializeLinker(line unknown, pc 10b880)
        at java/lang/Runtime.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 10b148)
        at java/lang/System.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 10729c)
        at sun/awt/motif/MToolkit.<clinit>(37)
        at java/awt/Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(190)
        at java/awt/Window.getToolkit(155)
        at java/awt/Frame.addNotify(82)
        at java/awt/Window.pack(89)
        at Listing1.main(9)

I compiled this code:

	import java.awt.*;
	public class Listing1
	    static public void main (String args[])
	        Frame a_frame = new Frame("Listing 1");
	        a_frame.add("Center", new Label("This is a test"));

using Kaffe-0.8.4 on SunOS-4.1.4 (I used the `--enable-staticlib'
configure option).  (The HelloWorldApp executed okay.)

Under Linux 1.2.13 (also `--enable-staticlib'), I get a different
stack trace:

        at java/lang/Runtime.initializeLinker(line unknown, pc 0x815104d)
        at java/lang/Runtime.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x814b8ec)
        at java/lang/System.loadLibrary(line unknown, pc 0x8150283)
        at biss/awt/kernel/NativeLib.<clinit>(line unknown, pc 0x814f6d7)

I have both and in my CLASSPATH:


Any help?

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