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Mon Apr 21 05:12:22 PDT 1997

Michael R Cook wrote:
> What is this stack trace telling me?

Me got the same thing every time I use javac
        at java/util/VectorEnumerator.nextElement(line unknown, pc
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.compile(157)
        at sun/tools/javac/Main.main(289)
error: An exception has occurred in the compiler; please file a bug
report (java-bugs at
1 error

>using Kaffe-0.8.4 on SunOS-4.1.4 (I used the `--enable-staticlib'
>configure option).  (The HelloWorldApp executed okay.)

what does it change?

But is there something to do with
assert(npc < meth->codelen); 

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