Michael R Cook mcook at
Mon Apr 21 13:49:07 PDT 1997

>>>>> "GF" == Gilles Fedak <Gilles.Fedak at> writes:

 >> What is this stack trace telling me?

 GF> Me got the same thing every time I use javac

Arright!  Misery loves company! :-)

 >> using Kaffe-0.8.4 on SunOS-4.1.4 (I used the `--enable-staticlib'
 >> configure option).  (The HelloWorldApp executed okay.)

 GF> what does it change?

What effect does the `--enable-staticlib' switch have?  Without it, Kaffe
would be built to use dynamic libraries.  I found that Kaffe didn't work under
SunOS-4.1.4 with dynamic libraries.  I found Linux-1.2.13 to have the same

 GF> But is there something to do with
 GF> assert(npc < meth->codelen); 

Dunno.  Don't know the Kaffe code yet.

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