biss-awt list selection problems

Eric S Fraga e.fraga at
Fri Apr 25 09:04:08 PDT 1997

Can anybody on this list explain to me why list selection does not work
in BISS-AWT with Kaffe? The following code works just fine with java.awt
from JDK 1.0.2:

  public boolean handleEvent(Event evt)
      if( == Event.LIST_SELECT && ) {
		// list item selected by mouse click
but doesn't in BISS-AWT with Kaffe. The event ID is never set to
LIST_SELECT for that matter.

Also, whenever I do pop up a frame with a list in it, I get a second
window (totally blank) at the top left of my screen in biss (but not in
standard AWT).

Thanks for any suggestions you might have,

PS - I realize that this is probably a question for some BISS mailing
list and not the kaffe mailing list but I don't know of the
existence of any BISS mailing list and I'm only using BISS because I am
using kaffe...  so please forgive any netiquette breaches!

Eric S Fraga, Chem & Biochem Eng, UCL,

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