Peter C. Mehlitz pm at
Fri Apr 25 11:57:44 PDT 1997

Hi Mark,

Is the instance drawing fast enough for rubberbands? If it is (i.e. not
depending on the size / complexity of the window), you should be able to use it
(from the native layer) because the xor mode shows up as a state of the
biss.awt.kernel.Graphics object ('XorColor', i.e. it is "persistent" from the
native libs perspective). The biss.awt.kernel.Graphics also has a reference to
the native target object it is currently used for ('Wnd' or 'Img'). I guess
this is what you need for creating "instances" from within the native lib.

Rubberbands could be handled that way. But if you use Xor mode for "occasional"
reversion (i.e. there is no do-undo pair of draw requests), I don't see how to
do this with "instances". However, I think to use xor like this does'nt make
much sense (maybe some fancy drawings, but I would say 99% of Xor usage is just
to revert previous draw ops).

> i have added two screenshots of the JDE running under NEXTSTEP
> to the homepage. check it out!

Cool! Joerg added this link to our homepage (which will be updated by Monday).
I will let you know as soon as I have a 0.88 alpha version (maybe end of next


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