RMI on Kaffe

Vijay Saraswat vj at research.att.com
Mon Aug 11 13:16:31 PDT 1997

   From: Per Bothner <bothner at cygnus.com>
   Sender: owner-kaffe at soi.city.ac.uk

   > I would like to try to get RMI working under Kaffe since I suspect it 
   > isn't that difficult (famous last words).

   I think it makes sense to first get Serialization working, since
   RMI is built on top of Serialization.

I agree that sounds like a good first step.

   The problem with Serialization is that I don't know if there is any
   public spec of the wire protocol used.  Sun will of course have to
   provide such a document before Java becomes an ISO standard, so I
   don't think here is anything secret here.  Still, I have not seen
   a specification yet.  Has anyone?

Do you need one? I argue it would stil be very useful to have an
implementation of Serialization in Kaffe, while using one's own
wire protocol if necessary. 

That would at least let Kaffe machines RMI together, or let a
Kaffe VM output data that another Kaffe VM can read. Further,
the same user program would work on other VMs too, though the
output they produce may not be readable into a Kaffe VM.

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