RMI on kaffe

Tim Wilkinson tim at tjwassoc.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 08:35:23 PDT 1997

Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
> The executive summary is:
> It will not work until the java.net native lib is completed.
> The rmi code calls java_net_PlainSocketImpl_socket{Get,Set}Option()
> which in 0.9.1 simply call abort().
> Calling abort() in these methods is a great way to find what is being
> passed to them - which I assume is why Tim did that.
> I was thinking of having a go at implementing those methods, but I'd
> first need to do a lot more reading/investigation of how the native
> stuff inter-works with java, and with my luck 0.9.2 would come out
> with the lib completed - just after I've done it :-)

Erm, well I wouldn't hold your breathe on me doing this in the near
future - certainly not for 0.9.2.  I'd be *very* pleased if someone did


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