kaffe on win3.1 (16bit)

Lennart Augustsson augustss at cs.chalmers.se
Wed Aug 20 12:37:32 PDT 1997

> What kind of changes would be necessary for kaffe to run under win3.1
> or another i386 16bit OS?  I understand that a thread mechanism would
> be needed, but is there already one in kaffe?
There are quite a lot of changes needed to get kaffe to compile
with a 16bit compiler.  I've mostly completed a port to Borland C
in 16-bit mode (i.e., I can run many programs, but not javac).
To make my life easier I ripped out the threading first (since I
didn't need it).

I'll send the diffs to Tim when things have stabilized.

        -- Lennart

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