kaffe on win3.1 (16bit)

Erland Lewin erl at speech.kth.se
Thu Aug 21 08:49:46 PDT 1997

Magnus Y Alvestad asked:
> What kind of changes would be necessary for kaffe to run under win3.1
> or another i386 16bit OS?  

I believe Kaffe requires an atomic 64-bit integer type built into the
compiler (long long or __int64 or something like that). My impression
was that it would not be possible to compile it with a compiler not
supporting this feature (for instance, replacing it with a struct of two
32-bit ints or so).
  I'm not familiar with Windows compilers in this respect, but I suppose
the gcc port should be usable.
  I have gotten the free MiNT Unix with gcc for my 68030 Mac and hope to
try to compile kaffe for the 68k Mac when I have a spare moment.
  As an aside, I think this means that Kaffe is not ANSI C :-(
  Correct me if I'm wrong.

	Happy Hacking,


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